How to promote Black Friday offers

How to promote Black Friday offers 2


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Cross selling is a great way to boost Black Friday sales. It involves pairing complementary items with a discount price. The aim is to make buyers want to buy more than one product. A good cross selling strategy can also be used in other promotions, such as in social media marketing.

Selling up

Black Friday is a great time to get discounted products. However, it’s important to be cautious when upselling. Some upsells can ruin the customer experience. Upselling should be about solving the customer’s problem and not about hard-selling. Remember that not all customers will be interested in a premium upgrade. Instead, inform them about the available discounts or the benefits to upgrading to premium.

Make an irresistible deal

Black Friday is a great time to create an irresistible offer. To make your offer stand out, it is important to study your competitors and identify ways you can differentiate yourself. For example, you can highlight a special gift guide on your homepage or separately-created landing page. You can add a mystery discount option or a coupon that is only available for a limited time to make your gift guide more appealing. You can also include a scratchcard or another interactive experience to build customer anticipation.

Video ads

Video ads can be a great way to get your message across this holiday season. In 2018, Source US customers spent an average of $472, and this number is expected to increase in 2019. This event is a powerful sales driver. You can make use of video to increase your sales. According to 83% of marketers, video is more important than ever.

Email subject line

Your email subject line should contain the right words to increase your chances of getting clicked. You can grab their attention by using strong words like “now”, take”, grab, and click. This will encourage them to continue reading the email. Be friendly and sincere in your messages and avoid using offensive or aggressive words.

Social media strategy

When it comes to promoting your Black Friday offer, social media plays a huge role. The holiday shopping season begins on this day, which encourages customers to buy discounted gifts. More people shop online this year. Social media can be used by you to promote your offer and get engaged with consumers. Use of social media to attract customers to buy your products. When you have any inquiries concerning where and ways to make use of Black Friday, you can call us at our website.