Stuck In 9 To 5

I realized that I have written a number of specific articles and methods for getting ahead but have yet to create about the big picture: Becoming financially independent. It is an extended process that won’t occur overnight. It takes discipline, dedication, and focus to accomplish. Firstly, I wish to define financial independence and what it means to me.

I think that financial independence is being able to live life doing what I’d like, when I want, and how I want without needing a full-time job (salary). It really is being able to live off of my savings (and earnings from those savings) to protect all of my expenses. This will not mean that I will not work it just means I don’t have to work. Secondly, everyone will in a different way to define financial Self-reliance.

The basic idea is to be in a position to do what makes you happy without having to rely on another person or business for your livelihood. Personally, I want to visit the world and to do that I need passive income and cannot work a regular (in a single place). Becoming financially 3rd party is the only path I can make that happen. There are many steps to becoming financially independent.

1. Pay off all obligations and build crisis fund. I must assault each balance until all of them are gone. I have to also keep an emergency finance of at least 2 months living expenses so I don’t fall back to the debt snare regarding an unforeseen event. 2. Save, Save, Save! Once debts are gone I shall channel the regular income used to pay them into cost savings, investments, and business opportunities.

In that order. I have to minimize taxes responsibility and maximize results on my assets and cost savings. 3. Re-balance and change investments. Once I have saved a large portion of my goal, I need to begin moving out of growth and into income producing investments. At this point I will consider it as income replacing.

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500,000 cost savings marks where I have to take less risk. 1,000,000 in world wide web worth and start the shift from conserving to living off of the assets. I might work in your free time or run my very own business to supplement income and unforeseen expenses. Everyone’s road to financial independence differs. Life has a way of tripping up our financial well being but with good planning and an emergency fund, we ought to be able to handle anything it throws at us. The top areas that must be concentrated on at all times are budgeting, saving, and self-control. Without these we will be slaves to the salary for our whole lives. Do you still want to be working when you are 80?

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