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Angel trading is an individual investment within a business who seek higher profits, they shall see more than from traditional purchases. Many successful entrepreneurs who wish to help other entrepreneurs log off the bottom operations. They will be the operational stage of the bridge from the self-funded that businesses need the level of financing, a business capitalist will be provided.

The term “angel” to the Broadway production of rich investment firms from the practice of early 1900. Today, the “angel” in general to provide knowledge, experience, in addition to money exchanges. Few know the ratio of joint endeavors, because the privacy, and individuality, angel investment funds investment, however the Small Business Administration estimations that at least 250,000 angels mixed up in a certain area, each year about 3 million small enterprise funds. From the total amount of angel investment is estimated from 20 billion to 50 billion U.S. 3-5 U.S. dollars every year of formal capital raising community to purchase Yuan. In fact, the potential pool of angel investment is increased significantly.

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About two million people in America discretionary net value angel traders. For enterprises to use for funding, angel investors the right to a formal fund-raising may be the perfect first step. It often takes less time to meet an angel, receiving funds, due diligence, there was less participation and the angels would expect a lower rate of comeback than venture capital normally.

The drawback is not found completely look at the business angel the assistance of experts in charge of the correct balance. Constructed relationships are along the way an important step Carefully. What is an angel investor expectations? What’s there is an angel almost, because angels expect many answers.

Everyone has their own specifications and weaknesses, because they’re individuals. Almost all of the hope that the board’s position may be an advisory role. All who want good communication, although which means that some quarterly reports, while others, the meaning is updated every week. Return to focus on the range of 30% from the expected internal rate of return of 5 times the prior five years, in the first five years of the potential profits on return over five years, 20 million U.S. Most are looking for a business from 5 to 25 percent stake in what. Some people want security – whether ordinary shares or with certain rights and liquidation preferences of ordinary shares of preferred stock.

Some people even called convertible bonds, or redeemable preference shares, which gives a clear leave strategy for investors, but also placed in interest payments venture capital firms. Additionally, you may jeopardize future funding sources of repayment, because they might want to use their investment before the investor from the woods. Some angel asked first refused to take part in the rights of the next round of funding. While this might sound acceptable, some business capitalists want their players as the only or the minimum of certain investments and so this plan may limit future participation who might. The Board’s future also need to be clarified. Whenever a new round of financing, the right is lost by them of the plank?