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Today I will be critiquing a cream basis comes from Japan, MEIKO COLLECTION: MC COVER FACE (MCCT). I have already been eyeing this base for a long period because I needed to buy a cream foundation. Currently I am using the liquid Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation. Actually, products from Meiko Corporation will be the rave since a few years back and previously I have tried and liked their Naturactor collection.

I’ve heard that MEIKO COLLECTION: MC COVER FACE (MCCT) is the new improved formulation of their Naturactor foundation, which promises they have added Jojoba oil and Vitamin C to the formula. It says that this foundation is ideal for acne-prone skin also, unlike the Naturactor foundation. It comes in a small package and a cup jar, which make it easier for me to take it everywhere in my makeup handbag. The packaging is simple, classy, and you won’t really stain the jar with your fingertips unlike the Naturactor base jar (which comes in white jar).

I am not sure just how many grams does it contain in a jar and I couldn’t get any information from their public website as well. The tone has been bought by me amount 141 and there are 8 shades available for sale. The texture of the product is very creamy and thick, so application with a sponge is a lot recommended than utilizing a foundation brush. It does not have any scent also. Currently my skin is filled with redness and some active pimples due to Garnier Sakura White Sleeping Essence. T. I have stopped using the essence for a while and my skin condition improves a lot.

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While trying, it turns out that tone 141 is one or two times lighter than my complexion. I have attempted applying the foundation with a dried out and a moist sponge. IMO, an application with a wet sponge blended really well as to compare to using a dry sponge. It does make your makeup look natural and cast less white shade, which really is a good thing since you don’t want to look like a ghost. The coverage is medium to heavy, depends on how many layers of application. However it will not cover my skin’s imperfections just as much as a liquid basis (Estee Lauder Double Wear can it much better than this basis).

One thing that I must say I love is it does not feel heavy in any way, unlike when using a liquid base. With one level of the base, no natural powder. T) but it additionally does not give me the coverage that I really wanted. However, I believe people who have less skin problem will love this bass.

I have a lot of marks from previous plus current acne and my epidermis is still healing therefore i am kinda not satisfied with the coverage it provides. It could have been better with the correct shade but since I’m not really sure about it, I hesitate to invest more on buying the correct shade. However, I will continue to use it if I’m in a haste since the application is a lot easier than utilizing a liquid foundation.

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