Beauty & The Beast Cast List 2019: Emma Watson & Dan Stevens

Emma Watson will lead the Beauty as well as the Beast cast playing the lovable, and headstrong Belle. Smart, bookish, and sassy – Emma will play the feminist Disney character to perfection. Watson told Entertainment Weekly that she refused to wear a corset under her character’s iconic yellow dress because she wished to play an “active” princess, and that a corset would restrict her movement.

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Furthermore, dressing up young small children in teenage pores and skin also makes them the prospective of unwanted and inappropriate attention. The death of Jon Bennett Ramsay offers a dangerous reminder of the harmful consequences. Ramsay was one of the prettiest American entrants, but this didn’t prevent her from the murderous fantasies of her killer. Also, you will see other implications of a five yr old thinking that she actually is 15 years of age. This is bound to lead to a confused sense of identity as she begins to act out a more mature role.

Evidently, parents are naive or careless who compromise a child’s basic safety. Contrastingly, supporters of such childhood competitions may contend that it’s a case of children having fun and enjoying dressing up. After all, they say, it will increase the self-esteem of the winners and gives all participants experience on the stage. They are likely to state that the opponents are exaggerating the effects; after all, they say, isn’t life about competition and the sooner the participants realize this the better. It really is obvious that we must ban child pageants as they exploit our small children. The focus on their physical appearances leads to many harmful consequences. Children risk enticed the unwanted attention of perverts through their significantly sexualised appearances. We have to be protecting our kids and providing a well-balanced and secure environment for his or her personal growth. Beauty pageants distort this environment.