Do YOU LOVE Watching YouTube Makeup & Hair Tutorials?

Do you love watching YouTube makeup & hair lessons? If so, what looks would you like to see more of? I really like watching them, it helps me with ideas of what makeup and hair styles to try. Not really much pastel colors but bright aqua greens, pinks, gold, yellows, blues, and fresh green looks. With regards to hair tutorials I like viewing deep waves lessons, curls, and up-dos hairstyles with sweet accessories. Let me see more locks tutorials, that are more unique and do not need a straightener or a curling iron, like a more natural kind of hair style. And for makeup tutorials, I’d like to see more natural makeup that looks less care.

More .. natural colors that look good, and don’t require eyeliner .. None of that liquid stuff. No foundation .. A few nice eyeshadow colors that go together plus some nice powder/ veil that smooths and hides blemishes on the face. I’d probably prefer to see how to execute a going-out look- because you always see people doing natural makeup lessons but how to do vibrant makeup with bright colors tutorials should never be on the website!

I’d also like to observe how to do a beach look so beach locks and beach makeup which mean you can look gorge while tanning! I do – but they always use such expensive products and expensive makeup brushes. I think there is certainly to numerous tutorials about how to do eyes, even though, It is found by me hard not to watch as much as I can! I would love you to definitely do a foundation and skin care review/tutorial for acne-prone skin, I mean sure, there are already those hateful pounds out – but do not require Already have SPOTS there.

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So I would like for someone with acne to step on to the scene haha, as I’m obtaining a few spots around my chin lately! I’d love to see more tutorials by real proper makeup performers like pixiwoo rather than amateurs like pursebuzz and stuff. I’d also enjoy it if the good, proper makeup artists experienced their looks in more detail rather than simply assuming everybody knows exactly where to place each eyeshadow and stuff. Hailey Williams appears. I can never afford any of the stuff everyone uses Unfortunately. I guess I have to conserve.

Also some ‘dream’ smokey looks would be good. Like fairyish stuff. Elegance. LOT of fafinettx3 She’s great. I learned how to curl my hair w/ the chi flat iron! Not make-up but I really do love hair ones. I would like to see more LIGHT makeup. XSparkage will be the best ones on the website.

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