Precision Targeting Provides New Insights Into Therapy-resistant Cancers

UC Merced teacher Fabian V. Filipp does his part, further developing his work on precision targeting of malignancies and personalized medication. What many people don’t know is that there is more to the genes than what we would see molecularly. Filipp’s method of precision targeting implies that if research workers can control hormone receptors and epigenetic factors at the same time, they can control cancer.

According to latest genomic insights, experts compare the delicate epigenomic homeostasis to yin and yang: Complementary makes keep each other in balance. If one pressure overtakes the systems are out of equilibrium. For the cells this implies either unlimited development cancer, or death. Without doubt, once we have a better understanding of epigenetic regulation, we can design drugs that counter regulate these factors.

Vice Chancellor for Research Samuel Traina said. In research science, Filipp is especially concerned with promoting advanced graduate training and college-student mentoring. Filipp is rolling out the first advanced program on systems biology, cancer metabolism, and metabolic flux analysis for graduate students in the Quantitative Systems Biology group at UC Merced, where he brought guest speakers from Europe. Last year, he marketed hands-on trained in tumor systems biology for UC Merced and undergraduates students, and programs to do the same this season. Jessamy C. Tiffen et al.

My friend Amy told me about this gem of a product. It’s super-inexpensive and frequently compared to La Mer brand products. If you are unfamiliar with La Mer, it’s a cult beauty favorite, and unfortunately, super pricey. The key, here, is that the German Nivea cream is the main one with the closest elements to that of La Mer. I’ve listed two places that you can understand this Nivea Creme (here and here) without going to Germany (although wouldn’t that be fun!).

This creme is super-rich and dense and has a very light, pleasant fragrance. I put it on during the night (just a little goes a long way). I especially use it around my eye and will often put it on very dense and allow it sits as a mask for about one hour during the day (about once weekly).

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I used to use Cetaphil, but the product is so far better at hydrating and I love the thick consistency. It has broken me out never, which is the best benefit! I usually use makeup wipes to remove my makeup, but when I have heavy eye makeup and wipes just don’t cut it– or when my face is seriously dry, I use the Colleen Rothschild Skin Cleansing Balm.

The balm is somewhat textured so that it almost feels like it is exfoliating, but as you rub it all over your face, it kind of becomes an oil! It also takes off all of my makeup and is especially great/gentle around the eye area. I first tried this balm when it came in the Discovery kit that was delivered to me some time back. This cleanser was my favorite from the kit and something I continue to use.