What’s Driving The Billion-Dollar Natural Beauty Movement?

“I’ve always been a significant skin care customer, using the very best, high-end, high-tech skin care available,” says Harper, who is originally from Colombia and studied commercial engineering in Mexico. “So when it came time to change to natural skin care, I was really disappointed with the prevailing offerings.

The most common chemicals in skin care products are parabens, artificial colors, and phthalates. Harper spent another few years exploring alternatives with scientists in Europe who thought that effective, chemical-free skin care products were possible. 13.2 billion by 2018. Brands with a natural and/or botanically derived clinical orientation now signify the largest mixed talk about of prestige skin care sales. Year Last, they accounted for all benefits in the category.

“The area for cleaner, safer, better beauty has grown and is carrying on to develop,” says Gregg Renfrew, founder of Beautycounter, a makeup products and skin care e-retailer that attempts to educate consumers about the potential toxicity of some makeup. And these products have become so mainstream now, you don’t have to go rummaging through your local health food store to find your organic jasmine-infused eyeshadow.

Sephora has sold botanical, chemical-free makeup products for years and today offers a “Naturals” squeeze page showcasing a huge selection of items. Nordstrom is starting dedicated natural splendor areas in 46 of its locations. Target announced programs to expands its natural splendor selection, thanks to a double-digit percentage lift in sales this past year.

And, reacting to comments from customers, CVS recently promised to remove chemical substances such as parabens and phthalates from around 600 of its in-house brands’ personal maintenance systems. Natural is available everywhere. It all makes perfect sense to Harper. ” she says via email. The organic beauty increase is area of the larger change in consumer consciousness about wellness and health.

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Thanks to an increasing number of beauty weblogs and social mass media accounts focused on the advantages of going chemical-free, consumers have access to more info than before ever. Year Late last, Dianne Feinstein, a Democratic senator from California, introduced the non-public MAINTENANCE SYSTEMS Safety Act, a bill to strengthen regulation of ingredients in personal maintenance systems. “Our skin is our largest organ, and many elements within these products-whether it be cream, shampoo, or deodorant-are absorbed by your skin quickly,” Feinstein said in her testimony to the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee.

I believe that if an musician decorated her today and captured her beauty, the effect would be regal and captivating! Its inpiring to learn that in an environment of developments and fakeness, there are still women who know and want to channel that elegant allure. There is truth to the saying “simplicity is elegance”.

Chanel knew this idea and managed to get part of her entire empire. She went for this natural charm vs the over-done flashy fashion that was ‘in’ then. I think that we are in the same situation – are we heading to join the botox injecting, trendy, artificial world of fashion? Or are we going to be guided by simple style, finding colors that are natural and harmonious, leaving the imprint of style and grace?

Cold compress can be changed by a fabric soak in the cold water. Clay is recognized as one of the natural home remedies for itchy pores and skin on body and face. Besides that, this item also helps relieve the pain and then cure bits and stings caused by spiders, bees, wasps. The real way to use this component is super easy.

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