Anyone Use Fitness Trackers?

9 years. (Flex, charge then, charge HR then, blaze now.) I really like fitness trackers, but I think it overestimates my calories burned so I only “eat back” about 50 % of what it says I burn. RE: Types of trackers, I’ve some issues about Fitbit but it’s sufficiently good; will check around to other brands after my current Blaze dies probably.

Me: I was addressing it. I thought I would discuss my walk tonight first. The Sean that’s super hard on himself: You imply that little two mile stroll in the park? Me: You’re not good for me. It wasn’t little. I’ve been sick. Two kilometers outdoors was enough tonight. Okay–enough of that nonsense. It was a discussion such as this that led me to the path tonight to begin with.

I managed to get a couple kilometers and called it good. It wasn’t my best, but I’m not feeling my best. It had been best for me, right now. Good for me tonight. Yesterday at 5:40am I used to be standing on the scale inside the locker room at our local YMCA. It’s one of those balance scales.

I know these are said to be the best, but I prefer a digital readout. I’m seriously contemplating generating every two weeks to medical section in Stillwater simply for the trusty digital scales I used through the first three quarters of my preliminary weight reduction. I’m not complaining because I lost 1 pound.

I’ll take it. I’m okay. I was anticipating some more actually–and I’ll have them, they’re arriving off. No worries. For now, as of this moment–I weigh 288. I can’t stand that whatsoever. I stopped at the post office today to deliver a few orders from my website and I ran into someone who’s known me for quite a while.

I feel and see it more than anyone. There are a noticeable difference. So I know it’s noticeable. Is obvious. I’m lucky I’m 6’3 and carry my weight as well as I do. By the way– I did say thank you to the nice woman at the post office. Tomorrow I’m going to be doing what I love to do: Talking with a group of people about weight loss and every one of the dynamics I’ve uncovered and continue to discover on the way.

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I’ll be speaking of success, struggle and the total amount we find along the real way. I’ll be speaking of this blog and my book too and exactly how sharing my entire life so openly has helped me while at the same time, challenged me. Next Saturday I’ll be traveling to a speaking event at the Hard Rock Hotel in Tulsa where I’ll be talking with a conference of doctors. I’ll be providing them with my experience, insight and philosophies on weight problems and weight reduction. It’ll be a fascinating experience, I’m sure! I’m truly honored to be asked to their big meeting! I haven’t been doing my metabolism any favors the last several days. I’ve come within budget because I just haven’t felt like eating. Lots of eggs, jello and soup. Easy stuff. I’ll be back again to feeling like me again 100% in a day or two, maybe three tops as I continue steadily to take this arsenal of medication.

All this will need a more linked world that isn’t here yet — and a far more advanced Apple Watch. I’d like a real-world friend, not just something that siphons from the notifications on my mobile phone. As the Apple Watch has Siri, its voice swiftness and acknowledgement is nothing beats the Amazon Echo.

I’d love the watch to be quicker, more attentive and more intuitive at managing voice commands. Usually Siri on the Apple Watch is too slow to be useful just. And even though the Apple Watch is better at fitness than most smartwatches, it’s lacking a lot. No internet sites to challenge friends like Fitbit.