Jury Says Doctor Was Negligent In Death Of Boy Who Had Tonsillectomy

Jury says doctor was negligent in death of guy who experienced tonsillectomy. 1.8 million dollars in damages. In January 2001 after surgery in Hutchinson Matthew Kuttner passed away. A jury in McLeod County District Court discovered that Hutchinson Area Health Mark and Care Montgomery, MD, were negligent, and that the negligence led to Kuttner’s death.

Montgomery failed to remove a bit of Kuttner’s body tissue, likely a tonsil, after surgery. The cells clogged the boy’s airways and suffocated him, regarding a written report by WCCO-TV. The jury found Montgomery was 60% responsible and Hutchinson Area HEALTHCARE was 40% responsible. This informative article was made by Obesity, Fitness & Health, and fitness Week editors from personnel and other reports.

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