How About the GRE and the IELTS? In prior posts, I wrote you could take the GRE of the GMAT instead, and the IELTS of the TOEFL instead. Well, I did so actually take all those tests: GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS. But I spent much more time with the GMAT than with the GRE, and with the TOEFL rather than the IELTS also.

So, I don’t feel ready to write much about the GRE and the IELTS. But there are a few things I would like to point out. I regret not paying enough attention to the GRE. For business colleges, the GMAT is more traditional and more broadly accepted, so it appeared logical if you ask me to focus on the GMAT.

But the amount of business schools acknowledging the GRE because of their PhD programs is really big nowadays. Your preparation for the GMAT shall be useful for the GRE too, with few adjustments. They will vary, however they test the same things almost. I would recommend you take both GMAT and the GRE and then see which is your best score relating to your application.

You can send them both, if you wish. But the main reason I recommend taking the GRE is the percentiles in score. Just like the GMAT, you get not only the rating but a percentile, which ultimately show the percentage of test takers who rating below you. And the percentile for the Quantitative portion of the GMAT has transformed too much in the last years. Why is it possible to get an increased percentile with less skill with the GRE? I believe the answer is based on the difference between the people who take the GRE and people who take the GMAT. The GMAT is for business colleges.

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And business universities (MBA mainly) pull a lo of candidates who are really strong in Mathematics. Engineers and economists, for example. From countries like China, South Korea, and India, for example. So, it’s very difficult to obtain a Quant score better than those people. The GRE, however, is used for graduate programs generally, not only business.

People who connect with a PhD in Literature or Arts, for example, take the GRE too. And those candidates are not so strong in the Quant section usually. So, it is simpler to get a Quant score than them better. Ok, that’s only valid for the Quantitative Section. Not the Verbal section always. But, I think the Verbal parts of both GMAT and the GRE are hard for people in general, although the GRE demands a better vocabulary.