Tamara’s Paper Trail

I acquired hoped to create last night alas, that little thing called “life” just will keep getting in the way! I’m still trying to capture up from a weekend away whilst trying to get ready for my next escape in just over a week. I inform ya, I’m just not cut out for all this jet setting!

My brain whirling with thoughts at 5:00 am I decided to get up and take an hour of peacefulness and quite (and espresso!) for me just! Blogging is really “me” time, and is an extravagance as I get to share what I love. This is the cards I distributed on the Stampin’ Up! I absolutely LOVE this credit card.

I just appreciate the pop of Lemon Lime Twist against the stark black! I got the motivation from a card made by Linda Callahan. I just LOVE how she simply highlighted the back of the bike. Always a sucker for white and dark cards I started mine off there – clean and simple. A pop was needed because of it of color and Lemon Lime Twist was my go-to!

I was decided to USE this one (BEFORE it retired!) and I grabbed the bike framework just, my black ink plus some scrap white credit card stock. I inked that bad-boy and when I stamped the image that beautiful black bike body just made me happy! I was off. I stamped and stamped and stamped.

Black body with red accent. Black body with blue highlight. I stumbled across Linda’s cards and was motivated. I knew immediately I wanted to use my brick wall embossing folder and things just proceeded to go following that. You shouldn’t be afraid to get the “complicated” sets. Get the ones you love and printer ink them up and stamp. If you want inspiration type the stamp arranged name plus Stampin’ Up just! I assume that’s my “me” time over. This day began Time to wake girls and get!

  1. Owned funds (Promoter Contribution, Equity shares, etc.), and
  2. Insurance Agent/Broker
  3. 10Fumigation and Spraying
  4. Click on the details on the credit card, to edit them
  5. Earn certificates for completed programs

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