Living Stingy: 02/01/2019

What exactly is the Royal Scam? It means different things to different people. 63,000. Yea, some folks make twice, or 3 of that amount even. But since they blow everything on fancier houses and cars and pay more taxes, often they have the same or similar disposable income as someone closer to the mean. Even people working minimum-wage jobs, if they qualify for each government program they qualify for, can finish up having a fairly middle-class lifestyle, as I have noted before.

In other words, our society is egalitarian at a certain level awfully. You will find, of course, two groups who fall beyond your middle-class. Both are fairly small groups. The very, very poor is a little group pretty, because poverty line or not, it is really hard to be utterly broken in a country where your very existence entitles one to money on a monthly basis. Unless, of course, you are an illegal immigrant.

The other group is the very, very wealthy – those 1%’ers that we are all supposed to hate, as the press told us to hate them (along with Police Officers this year. Calendar year it was Immigrants Last. The year before, Muslims, who’s up next year? These folks not only make a lot of money they have big money. And that is the difference between the upper middle income and the truly rich. 200,000 a year, but is living “paycheck to paycheck”, and can’t appear to get ahead. Not many people feel sorry for him.

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The really rich guy has large numbers in the lender and exactly how much he makes is more a function of how much he needs to spend on his personal maintenance, then any function of his income. Quite simply, his income is exactly what he removes of his business, not some salary he gets from somebody else’s.

How did the really rich man get really wealthy? Well, some begin with a relative mind start. The Koch brothers started out with millions – and made Billions from them. They have two other brothers, however, who have been content to invest their thousands rather than increase them just. Others, like Sam Walton, scrimp, and save and throw everything they have into a business, sacrificing every comfort, and get fabulously wealthy. For people like that, making money becomes an obsession, and the creature comforts in life are secondary. Not surprisingly, they tend to make a lot of money. For the majority of us, however, we are interested in the creature comforts.

We think of prosperity in conditions of things – mansions and extravagant vehicles and private jets and yachts. And yes, once you make Billions, you can purchase that sort of thing and not blink an vision. The nagging problem is for all of us little people, the temptation is to “have a taste” of the nice life.

We want an extravagant house. Maybe it isn’t a mansion, but it is a mini-mansion, and that is almost as good! And maybe we can not afford a Bentley, or a 7-series BMW even. But we can swing the payments on the 323i 4-door and pretend we are going places. And of course a large yacht has gone out of the picture, but we can swing the loan on the 35 or even 40 foot Sea Ray or Meridian – or so we think.

And while we aren’t rock superstars, we can qualify for a loan on the Rock Star Bus Motorhome. The monthly premiums are so low, low, low! So we anesthetize ourselves in life. We will not be rock superstars or another Steve Jobs, or famous attorneys arguing cases prior to the Supreme Court (and pulling in million-dollar incomes in the 200-man firm). We will not be the famous doctor at the Mayo medical clinic. We won’t be Warren Buffet or a Wall-Street Tycoon. We won’t be rap superstars or professional athletes. And that’s OK. Not everyone can be famous.

All for a low, low price and e-z monthly payments, if you’ll just sign here. And that, in a nutshell, is the Royal Scam. In my earlier publishing about Fake Status, the idea was ricocheting around my head for some time, and I started to see the parts coalesce in my own brain.

Everything I have written about here is going back few years, all coming together, forming a unified body, a complete, a complete map of how everything ongoing works. You see, we entrap ourselves as middle-class people. 3000 hill bikes. Why not? You see, that is clearly a choice in life – a choice freely made. A choice whether to be wealthy or to just spend it all and have-it-all now.