Have You Been Awestruck Lately?

The Biological Benefit of Being Awestruck – by @JasonSilva from Jason Silva on Vimeo. This video tells us about why it’s good for us to be awestruck- it gives us a sense of question and adds signifying into life. The world can seem so broken one moment if you are caught amid everything, sense like there’s no end in sight. And yet, in to the night time sky when you gaze up, pondering at the distant celebrities that stand, immobile, blinking silently, a feeling of calm washes over you and you feel that somehow things will come out alright.

Not now maybe, nevertheless, you have beliefs that it shall, and that’s enough. Things and moments that make us expand our consciousness awestruck, and connects us deeper with everything all around us. It’s as if something miraculous is happening, and we’re simply observers gazing upon our very own existence. I distinctly remember an event I had formed in middle school. It was during the middle of science class sometime, and I had been sitting by the window, zoning out into the sky.

But this time was different. Non-emptiness to come along is mindblowing. Why wasn’t there just nothing, emptiness for all of eternity. When there is existence, there must be non-existence, and the chance of non-existence should be much much MUCH greater than presence, since non-existence requires no energy, no..nothing. Why, HOW do we exist even? This relevant question bore down on me, but before a chance was had by me to explore it even more, to seize ahold of it, I returned to my current reality.

The teacher’s voice returned and the windows had displays across them once again, and I look into my classmate’s bored expressions which impatiently eyed the clock. But for many minutes when the emotions slowly left me afterwards, I used to be speechless, and just like a fading dream, I possibly could not grasp it as hard as I tried.

I have perhaps pondered the meaning of presence abstractly, but I’ve never sensed it so VISCERALLY throughout my entire mind and body. That little experience shifted my perspective on life, and I had been infused with the deepest awe for any that was life, and non-life even, but also for things existing in any way just.

And my own capability to ponder my life. How strange, and beautiful. I sensed like I would go crazy great deal of thought now, but I knew that I experienced some “truth”. We are a wonder, and no accident. There is something much greater in life to explore, and I had been dead place on finding what it was. As I got older, I became more and more aware of the global world, and observed things before me that I previously could not see.

Although most of us live on the same planet, many people don’t really live “here” but rather some put in place their heads. How clean and velvety it was to touch. How powerful it was hurrying a waterfall down. How I thirsted for this after ingesting salty foods. How cool, refreshing it was to bathe in. I used to be just all enraptured because of it, anything that had not been created by man, and anything that was created by man to exist in tranquility with character amazingly.

Finally, especially for color treated locks good for occasional hydrating hair cover up. Sunbathing is delicious and vitamin D and good humor, but there are also dangers unfortunately. Besides links may irresponsible sunbathing namely skin cancer and cause aging and that we do not want. Make sure at least that you get plenty of sunscreen and keep carrying this out regularly. Which factor you choose depends on your skin type.

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Do you have reasonable skin that burns up fast, go for at least one factor of 30 and with a tinted or dark pores and skin for at least 15. (Also with dark skin can burn). Obviously a tan is desired by us, which build is most beneficial achieved using one or two times a week to exfoliate your skin layer.

Cover your after sunlight shower but still along with a after sunlight to your skin to cool and moist. The flipflops, wedges, open up feet shoes must be worn again and undoubtedly all you want to have beautiful foot. Remove your old nail polish with nail polish remover. Let your foot 5 to ten minutes in a bowl with water. Interact progress some cuticle oil around the toe nail. Move your foot to show off the water and push the cuticles back softly. Rinse below your feet and dry them thoroughly (including between the toes).