I Need Monologues THAT MIGHT BE Best For Belle In Beauty And The Beast?

I need monologues that would be best for Belle in Beauty and the Beast? I’m auditioning for Belle in Beauty and the Beast, and I cannot find a good 1-2 minute monologue for the life of me. I’m not sure what would be the best kind of monologue for Belle.

I honestly need help. And my pal Sydney is auditioning for Babette, and she needs a comedic monologue that could sound cute with a French accent. Thank you so much! It’s quite simple to discover a monologue on her behalf! Anything under that bracket, look at speeches from other broadway musicals with princesses, Liesel from the audio of Music ect.

Or you could go through the geeky, small town part of Belle? Maybe this: No, you pay attention. You turned out to be who I thought you were exactly. I never pretended to be somebody else. It has been me all along. And it was me who was simply hurt before everybody. Look, I didn’t come here to yell at you, okay? I understand what it feels as though to be afraid showing who you are.

I was. However, not anymore. I believe in myself. And I understand that things are gonna be okay. Personally i think sorry for. Do you keep in mind sneaking over the first time you told me concerning this place here? I got home late that evening, and my parents were furious while i emerged in finally.

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I can still picture my daddy standing in the living room, my mom on the couch, staring ahead straight. I swear, they looked as if a family member had died. That was the very first time my parents knew I used to be serious about you, and my mother had a long talk to me later that night.

She said to me,”Sometimes, our future is dictated by who we are, not what we wish.” Which is known by me was incorrect of her to keep the words from me, but just try to understand. We left Once, she probably thought it would be easier for me personally to let go just. In her mind, she was trying to protect my feelings, and she probably thought the ultimate way to do this was to cover up the letters you sent. Not that some of it matters, now that I have Lon. He’s handsome, charming, successful.

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