High Level Rules

If you are timing the market, you are trading. A Stock or talk about is “possession” of an ongoing company that will business. You need time for you to grow the business and need time to make reasonable profits. Do you time when to open a business? Or you open the business on any date. Well, most people will find an auspicious time and date to open the first day. But from then on, the carrying on business will be opened during normal business hours.

Some shops never close at all. Like few petrol stations and convenience stores. You don’t have to open and close the business randomly, depending on market conditions. Normal business will NOT open longer hours during good market and close earlier during bad market times. If you are looking for the optimum time to buy and sell, you are timing the marketplace.

The problem about market timing is that you’ll never know when is the best time, until it got passed. You will be stuck to the computer screen, to consider the best price. You can put in the purchase price you want, but you might not get it. You can purchase at the existing selling price to get the stocks and shares just.

Then once you buy, the price goes lower. What now ?? Do you buy more or regretted you purchased too early. Sometimes, you will be able to buy at the cheapest price. Then, what now ?? Day Do you sell it to another? Or do you wait for it to go higher? Or, you might set 10% profits and you sell it away.

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Let us say, the purchase price did rise 10% and also you sold it away. Congratulations on your good work. However, the purchase price keeps going higher. What now ?? Is it time for you to buy again as the uptrend momentum is strong? Or do you await the price to look again before you buy again down.

However, be careful of any stocks and shares that just skyrocket in an exceedingly short time. Those are speculation by traders. When the stock price goes up very fast, it will come down very fast too. If this method is accompanied by you, you are trading. A lot of your energy will be spent monitoring the specialized charts will thousands of signals to consider. Buying stocks and shares to get is like buying a continuing business. As a small business needs time to grow Just, investing needs time. Let time be your friend. You will observe that the CURRENCY MARKETS is volatile always. A couple of and downs through the trading hours ups.

But, in the long period, good company shares increase. The primary reason is that the business enterprise makes profit as time passes and therefore add value to the business’s shares. As businesses needs time for you to make more income, the stock price shall go up in the long term. So choose your business stocks well with good business fundamentals. If you don’t have enough time to search and find good companies, get professional fund mangers to do for you. What is the difference between investing and trading? Investing is the act of owning something (stocks, unit trust funds, property) an investors think will have significantly more value in the future.

Investors will hold the investment to earn a profit when the worthiness increases and will have a more long-run approach. The timing is not so important. Trading is the real transaction that occurs when you get or sell investments. Traders trade the investments to consider the advantage of short-term market swings. The investing timing is very important. The simplest way to get into good companies stocks is by investing into Equity Funds. Your Unit Trust Consultant will be able to help you in recommending appropriate funds for your financial objectives.