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Hans Herr House in Willow Street, PA. The homestead was built in the mid 1700’s and has been well conserved. We were providing cleaning soap to the giftshop, and also wished to talk about the probability of photographing the working walk-in fire place for our forthcoming book – By the Hearth. As we drove in, we were greeted by a beautiful 80 12 months old Linden tree that was completely bloom.

The tree was alive with bees. Linden blooms have a luscious scent. My gathering basket was in the car, therefore i asked if it might be okay to take some of the bouquets. Linden is thought to have sedative properties, and is both helpful and soothing for panic. Used as a tea, it is diaphoretic also, raising your body temp and stimulating perspiration somewhat. This is helpful for helping be quick infections on their way to avoid it of the physical body. It is used for colds and coughs, is expectorant, helpful for digestion, and best for headaches – among other activities.

I’ve been looking for linden this year and it is very commonly planted along streets in our little town and also in Lancaster. Those trees are not ideal for harvesting because of their location. This one was perfect. The flowers and leaves can be used in bathing herb blends or alone also. Also, they are used in various skin care recipes, and the scent (available typically as a synthetic) is utilized in all sorts of preparations and products.

I know a handful of female friends who’ll cry, die, or get into a continuing condition of stress without eyeliner. Whether it be gel, pencil, or liquid, it seems to be a makeup must-have. It’s easy and quick to use and it generally does not require much tools – only a steady hand, with respect to the formula you select.

In my case, eyeliners of every shape and formula have made its way both in my work and home makeup cases. As the Mexican telenovela actress Thalia wrote in her book, “nothing makes the attention pop like eyeliner”. Between whipping out primer, shadow, and brushes pitched against a pencil of smudge-proof eyeliner, I’d pick the latter when I have just a few minutes before I head out the door. Pencil eyeliners are great if I want definition and also to make my eyes look more just, well alive in photos. If I want the display screen siren appear to be Angelina Jolie’s kitty eyes on the red carpet, then it’so onto the gel or water liners I go.

  • 1 oz olive essential oil
  • 3# MD Complete Dark Spot Corrector
  • “Love is not just a maybe thing, you understand when you love someone.”
  • Boost epidermis immunity and accelerate skin healing
  • “The dearest things I understand are what you are.” – Oscar Hammerstein II
  • 2nd Skincare Secret. Exfoliating
  • Face Makeup products

Liquid liner creates an extremely intense defined eyes, but I admit, it takes some skill to master a perfect line. It took me a long time to finally “adjust” to working with it (I salute those girls who could apply it on the eye on a moving vehicle or with low light).

Kevyn Aucoin even finished an entire bottle of it. But just like in dance, it’s just like a warm-up – it’s something that I have to master. Think about it as challenge na lang. Avon sent me their Extralasting Liquid Eyeliner to try. Up to now, within weeks of using it, I came across myself often by using this quite.