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3. Think that ladies are the only ones who buy their merchandise. Second — News flash: it’s 2010 individuals. Um, the guys know where the grocery stores are, too. And with ladies representing just over 50% of the workforce, and barely extra ladies earning school levels than men — you may guess your treasured advert dollars that there are lots of households like mine where my husband does the buying.

He picks out the cleaning products. He buys the juice. And he really DOES take great joy in shopping for a new cleansing product. He prides himself on attempting the most recent stuff. Don’t get me fallacious. I like being a mom and a spouse. I’m also proud to be a woman who has a very fulfilling, full-time job. The time I spend with my son and husband could be very beneficial to me.

And having “me” time to work is simply as equally fulfilling for me. Nowhere in my listing of issues that make me happy will you find fabric softener that sticks like a magnet to the aspect of the dryer. And while I enjoy watching commercials (most likely because I work in advertising and marketing), nothing makes me cringe greater than a stereotypical industrial about women who’re just so giddy as a result of their kitchen ground is clean. Please. Even the silly mop sucking water from a straw while an 80’s love ballad plays within the background is just not going to get me to purchase your product. What gets me to buy one thing? How about cleaning merchandise?

Well, despite the favored perception that women take nice joy in having a clear shower, believe me it’s the last thing on my thoughts throughout often hectic weekends. What I like although is these commercials that target what the product does: there are some great Seventh Generation cleaning merchandise at Target that don’t have all of the chemicals in them. Oh, and the scrubbing bubbles that do the cleaning for you.

Those little buggers are like having a maid in my bathroom. There’s an important a great industrial – I feel by Subaru, where the dad sees his little lady within the driver’s seat taking off. Then, the digicam flashes back and she’s instantly a teenager. No girls within the industrial at all.

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And it still appealed to me. So, for all of you firms on the market pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars into your fancy advert campaigns – I beg of you – please check your calendars. It is not 1950. You need not observe the identical ridiculous stereotypical storylines. Not all girls are the homemakers anymore.

Do they nonetheless even exist? Not all women do the shopping. And after we do see your commercials, if it offends us, the likelihood is we aren’t going to purchase your product. And we’ll complain to our pals about them on Facebook, so they will not such as you either. There, I’ve had my say. And I’ll be happy to supply more feedback – as would many of my feminine friends.

Thanks so much to your great suggestions. I understand that some firms do hire their very own writers but there are still others that do accept freelance work. I’m glad to listen to you continue to have some sales as a freelancer. Thanks for the encouragement. I started writing humorous greeting cards in 1963 after studying an article in Writer journal. I have been quite profitable over the years with effectively over 2000 gross sales to my credit. There used to me a ton of firms that bought concepts from free-lancers, however in the present day there is simply a handfull.