IF THE Users Define Their Own Processes?

Where Business Process Meets 2.0 – An interesting post from Susan Scrupski on the use of SAP’s new 12Sprints platform in the business. Pegasystems says Agile BPM this real way comes – SOA Chat – Some advice from Pegasystems on smaller, more focused process projects. I’m really in two thoughts concerning this. One the main one hand I like the idea that process design should be easy and user concentrated rather than IT concentrated. If it was this easy, why hasn’t it been done before?

I would be interested to listen to anyone’s applying for grants this. Business Process When Implementing UC is not a One & Done Project – Unified Communications Strategies – Some typically common sense information and advice linked to unified Communication strategies and business process work. The Tool is not the Process’ – Articles about complicated ‘what we control processes with’ and ‘what the procedures themselves are’. If all you have is a hammer every problem is a nail then. Should the users define their own processes?

My thoughts on whether tools which put process description directly in the hands of customers are a good notion or not. 1 THE PROCEDURE Cafe Espresso Shots is a location for linking to process related articles written by other folks that don’t merit a complete post on the Process Cafe but remain worth your time reading. Sort of an espresso shot of ‘The Process Cafe’-eine.

Configuration 2-4-2 (top deck), Excellent seats, spacious very comfortable, some holidaymakers mentioned problems with the width of the chair, did not eventually me and I am not a small person (184 cm). Interestingly there is a difference between the seats in business course, on the path to Hongkong I had been in 23A that was extremly comfortable, on the way on 7K which seems not to be for as long back again. Additonally various other seats seem to have substantial less length (would like somebody to talk about his opinion) however the window seat gives you lot of room and privacy, definitely the best business class seat I’ve ever flown in.

The privacy in the centre seats may not be so excellent, my recommandations for the chair are for the home window seats. It was a superb experience excellent service Overall, nice IFE and a club where you can move and relax. The lounge in Hongkong is excellent, the lounge in Dubai seems to be to congested (had to hold back for a shower and acquired to hold back for using the bathroom).

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Apart from that, Emirates Airlines have succeeded in making an extremely revolutionary business class chair that will plead most people. Giving it an average of 3.5-4. superstars. Seat is spacious, settings is 2-3-2 (steer clear of the middles chair). Seat is not completely flat so they are not good for sleeping. We flew Dubai to Male return on the 777. The high grade cabin is tatty and the seats uncomfortable. After a journey with the suites it is impossible to claim that this was the same class.