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So you experienced a facial and today 1-2 days later your skin is red. How come my skin so red? That person might be red in places or all over. If it was a facial and you were not warned of the side effects, you may have had a reaction to the products the aesthetician used, or the incorrect products for your skin type were used on your skin layer. Rosacea is a condition of the skin that however to date there is absolutely no exact cure that is not what rosacea victims want to hear. I’ve many clients in my clinic and throughout Australia who I maintain regular contact with as I hook them up to a Rosacea program.

BUT we can control rosacea and by managing it we can make life as positive as possible, to expect rosacea sufferers. Some clients shall get faster results than others, it all depends upon the internal aspect of your client as well. Internal health is key to treating rosacea as well as external treatment. What we should see externally is a home window, a glimpse, as to what is happening inside.

A (NOT retin -A), preferably retinaldehyde. Gentle and VERY effective. In Australia, this is prevalent especially. Sunlight is so vicious as our ozone level is virtually nonexistent here. My best advise for post-sunburn is to get yourself a tub of aloe vera gel and smear it over and over the sunburn, cooling, and healing your skin with each application. If your skin layer peels, do not expose that fresh, beautiful skin to the sun as possible cause some long-term pigmentation issues which are best prevented.

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A Vascular network of capillaries that may be treated with medical grade laser technology. How deep the vascular lesion will go will depend about how many sessions will be required and the amount of permanency. It really is a minefield out there in the wonder world. How will you know what skin care products are best suited for your skin? You can find marketing campaigns happening out there bigger than Ben Hur that claim to hold the elixir of youth.

What do you choose to do if you are confronted with such a selection of products? How will you be known by you aren’t heading to respond? I strongly advise that you see an Aesthetician to discover what skin type and skin condition you currently have. Even if you only go once, it is well worth it.

How would guess what happens to buy in any other case? Do you play it safe and buy the sensitive range, or do you go for the oily skin care collection when actually you are dehydrated or sensitive. YOUR SKIN LAYER Type: This is something that won’t change regularly. What skin type you have ever, you must realize that more likely not then, over the years, your skin layer shall continue steadily to become drier. The older we get the less oil we produce. If you were oily in your teenagers and you are actually 30, good chance is you have substantially less essential oil than before.

BUT you might still have the appearance (larger skin pores, thickened epidermis etc) of a skin which used to be an oily skin. You don’t treat your skin layer as greasy, as it is not. Probably combination. A couple of different ways that you can treat the open epidermis texture through treatments that will refine your skin layer.

Your CONDITION OF THE SKIN: this changes constantly determined by: weather, lifestyle, rest, stress, food, medication etc. For on your skin condition may be dehydrated – we can appropriate that. Or you might be an essential fatty acid deficient presenting Milia – the tiny white dots that lay under the skin’s surface.

Time and time again, new clients come to me where they are employing what they think is most beneficial for their epidermis when in actual fact it’s the reason behind them having a negative condition of the skin. So if you want to consider yourself on what range you use (as aestheticians will promote what they sell), book in for a seek advice from then, so at least you can get educated on what suits your skin best.