THAT HAS Time For This?

Here are articles I’ve written of interest to entrepreneurs. Remember Mark Leslie’s advice to arrange for the Sales Learning Curve. Crafting an effective elevator pitch for your startup. Business owners often ask me for an example business plan they may use as a model because of their fundraising efforts. They may be surprised while I send them a PowerPoint document.

We reserve our help for a little number of individuals because we can’t extend that help to everyone. And ultimately it isn’t our responsibility to look after the pets owned by other people. THEY are the ones who required on that responsibility, and it is their burden ultimately. I only brought them up because of your own assertions. They are your words, and you made a sizable blanket statement rather. I used to be pointing out the problem with your logic, and words, as well as using specific professions that you mentioned would help me out if the tables were turned.

On this subject let’s think about “life sustaining” and things necessary for a lifetime. Despite what some may think, household pets are NOT essential for life. Plenty of people around the global world survive quite well and are extremely happy without a pet in their life. Sometimes this is due to finances, due to culture sometimes, and sometimes to personal choice.

But billions of individuals to live their entire lives without a pet, so that it is clear that they are not a requirement. Therefore developing a family pet is a choice, not a necessity. Having a pet is a luxury, not a requirement. When someone gets a pet, they have chosen (whether they consider it in this manner) to be accountable for medical and well-being of this pet.

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Too many people get dogs and cats when they can not afford even basic precautionary treatment, as I’m sure you’ve seen. The responsibility for the treatment of that pet is completely on the dog owner, not the physician. My doctor can make suggestions for my health, but it’s up if you ask me to follow them and look after myself.

In the majority of the US an automobile is essential in order to be able to reach and from work. Yet it is not my mechanic’s responsibility to make sure my car is running well. When something breaks, it is up if you ask me to have the ability to afford to fix it, not him.

Yes, he might help me, or allow obligations, but that’s not something he could be required to do. I bought the car, The payment is manufactured by me, I select which car I would get, and I must take care of it. If I buy an automobile that is expensive for me personally to keep up too, that is MY mistake and not that of my auto technician, the motor-car dealership, or the loan company.

If litigant gets a pet for which they cannot afford to care, that is THEIR mistake, not that of their vet. That’s my main point here. Yes, I do help out clients where I can. But in the end it isn’t my responsibility or necessity to discover a real way for these to pay. It really is THEIR responsibility, because they chose or accepted that pet. Sometimes pets are euthanized because your client cannot afford care. While tragic then one that bothers me each time, it’s also the truth of life than one that can’t be easily changed.